Every Aesop experience is intended to be a very personal one, with their in store consultants leading you through the process of finding the best products for your individual needs. However, the need still kept presenting itself for those who didn't necessarily need a consultation or introduction to Aesop product lines, but simply a price for a specific product they already knew they wanted. Aesop's in store price lists have always been a large paper print out that listed all of their products in multiple sizes and in multiple languages depending on the market. The paper lists were a bit difficult to navigate, for consumers and consultants alike, so Aesop's digital team asked us to work with them in creating a new experience that would live on iPads mounted in each store. 
Earlier this year Aesop launched a new global Skincare initiative. We worked with the digital creative team to create an internal training experience for their retail staff so that they could fulfill training requirements leading up to the launch. The online training module allowed for a consistent learning experience across all markets, providing an elegant and interactive way for Aesop's retail staff to stay up to date on their training. 
After the global launch of the Skincare training module, we collaborated with the team at Aesop to work on campaign landing pages that would launch with their newly redesigned US website. With their internal team continuing work on their current website properties around the globe and their agency concentrating on the impending launch of the new site, they brought us in to bridge the gap. After familiarizing ourselves with the new brand standards and design language, we worked to bring the Skincare and Room sprays campaigns to life on the new platform. 
States of being: the Aromatique Room Sprays campaign was being launched shortly after the launch of the new US site. We worked hand in hand with the in house creative team to create an experience that would mirror that of the older Aesop site that would still be live in all countries outside the US. Each fragrance included it's own color palette, artwork animation, and music that Aesop had commissioned specifically for each scent. We were responsible for creating a landing page that included new video and audio player styles while keeping in line with the structure of the new site. 
Aesop's global Skincare initiative was launched earlier this year in conjunction with the launch of the US site. They needed us to explore ways their new site structure could be leveraged to showcase their philosophy to Skincare that included video, product call outs, and a sub navigation style that they previously had not implemented anywhere else on the site. 

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